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About Dana

Founder, Train Ticket Bookmarks Co.

Dana is an actor, writer, and activist from British Columbia, Canada.

She graduated with her Bachelor of Arts in English, minoring in Political Science, from the University of British Columbia's Okanagan campus in 2020.

Having deferred a year from the University of Calgary's law program, she is currently enjoying a year off from her studies in the Okanagan. She has spent the pandemic writing, working, and sleeping.

Find her on Instagram @danamurph

Current & Future Projects

Typing Without Glasses On

Poems by Dana Murphy

By Brianne Bennett


Evolving Allyship: Resources for understanding & unlearning 

Excerpts from some of our most recent works...

As the Black Lives Matter movement has gained momentum in both the UK and the US, so has the intolerance for criminalizing an entire genre in the music industry. By exposing the institutionalized racism and prejudicial nature of the allegations against Grime artists, these accusations lose their credibility as efficient policing tools and thus have no grounds for criminalization (Fatsis, 2019).

"First Things First: Grime as a Combative Force in the Fight Against Racial Discrimination in the UK"

by Sophia Rideout

the self care we're lectured on

will not be televised.


no one would watch it.


i texted a friend today,

asking her what to eat.

she walked me through the

contents of my fridge


and explained the merits of my

freezer drawers.

"untitled, for now"

by Dana Murphy

There is an ‘edginess’ to the study of fashion and beauty, a critical edge, certainly, yet also something else – an unease. There is always risk involved in crossing the lines between disciplines, working at the limits of existing knowledge and, importantly, exploring the liminal and indeterminate zones that constitute the complex relationships between garment, body and identity, ‘outer’ and ‘inner’, ‘surface and depth’ (Leeks 2017, 6).


Yet what these authors show is that politics and fashion have always run side by side. The old becomes the new through a different lens; fashion is hacked.

"Political Fashion: Analyzing the Inextricability of Politics and Fashion through Critical Texts"

by Tayana Simpson


Meet the Illustrator

Hannah Privé

Hannah is a (mostly) self taught multi-media artist living in Vancouver B.C. 

She attended Emily Carr University for 2 years studying Illustration, but eventually dropped out after realizing art school was a bit of a scam and could teach herself most things with the help of the internet. 

She is currently taking on commissions and hustling for self sufficiency through art.

Find her on Instagram @hannah.kp_