Creators We Love

You may notice a similarity of platform on the below list... we love using Instagram as a more unconventional means to learn new information. So many incredible humans are using their platforms to provide free education and resources in accessible, legible, and understanding ways. This is nothing short of a GIFT! Click on a handle to be taken to their pages. We encourage you to contribute financially/pay reparations to those accounts which offer the option; and drop them a follow so you can be kept up to date! Learning doesn't have to take place in an institution to be valuable. Get loud - and if you think we should add an account or site to this page, let us know in the online form at the bottom of the page. 

An activist and multitalented performance artist who encourages followers to challenge themselves and their privilege, pushing them to do more for the local and global movement.

a great space for those new to issues surrounding race and the climate, Marie's page offers "info, inspo, & actionable steps"

renowned activist Leah Thomas expertly links environmentalism with racial justice, making for a highly informative and accessible brand of activism

just a great page for Canadians! Eastern-oriented, but helpful when placing these issues in a Canadian context

"Canada's only NGO working with Indigenous Nations to defend their rights with access to the courts by raising legal defence funds"

a key player in advancing intersectionality in feminism, Cargle provides curated readings to help followers 'unlearn'

author of Me and White Supremacy and all-around essential voice 

there's online courses, a podcast, and a book, all in the name of "walking with folx on their journey to dismantle their relationship with systems of domination"

this one has especially helped me: it's a "community driven space for intersectionality, radical accountability & active allyship"

easily one of the most inclusive and information platforms on Instagram, Blair Imani's "Smarter in Seconds" videos break down complex topics into bite-sized an easy to understand lessons.