About Tayana


Tayana is a fourth year Political science and Gender Studies student at the University of British Columbia - Okanagan. During her time at UBCO, Tayana worked with the university newspaper in a few capacities, most notably as Editor in Chief from 2019-2020. She also sat on the editorial board of the GWST faculty student publication, That's What [We] Said, helping to launch the journal for International Women's Day in 2019, and for the second edition in 2020. In September, Tayana will be beginning a Masters of Political Science at McGill University in Montreal, centred around women, violence, power, and subversion, specifically in the larger context of international and human rights law. While her academic work may make her seem boring, she is passionate about activism and social justice, as well as gardening, flowers, the outdoors, the sun, and more, and she is always happy to talk about anything related to her works or interests! 

Find her on Instagram @tayanafaithhaley